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Gokstad Solutions Group manages the full lifecycle of your security operation for you. GSG was founded by proven professionals with career experience in United States DoD special operations, US intelligence services, and energy sector operations. Our expertise ranges from security program development and management to highly specialized services in VIP executive protection, cyber security, intelligence operations and emergency management.


Appropriate security operations require proper design. We engage with the customer and the customer's operating environment to analyze and develop ground truth in order to develop appropriate solutions.


Our extensive global network of vetted resources and partners ensure that plans can be executed on quickly. Increasing security posture while minimizing the impact to business operation is our specialty.


Security threats constantly evolve and so must the security operation. Ongoing assessement, inspection and training of is a must. We manage the full lifecycle of your security operation for you.


Our wide range of services are complementary and comprehensive. Every client is unique and there is no one size fits all solution. A tailored approach combined with ongoing management ensures your operation is safe and effecient.

Executive Protection

Exceptional experience providing discreet Executive and VIP protection services worlwide.

Site Security

Deploying holistic security protective measures in both hostile and semi permissive environments.

Mobile Security

Planning, resourcing and execution of transport and convoy operations for personnel and material.

Cyber Security

Complete integration of cyber-security solutions to address threats comprehensively.

Intelligence Operations

Intelligence capabilities and unique global networks provide better insight about threats.

Medical Emergency

Planning, reahearsing and training for medical emergencies to mitigate risk abroad.


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